The Laboratory

LABORATOIRES ASEPTA have been manufacturers and distributors of dermo-cosmetics products for more than 70 years. ASEPTA Products are elaborated and manufactured in the Principality of Monaco in a state-of-the art building.


The Research & Development Department with a spirit of innovation and quality made possible a successful story in France and overseas for the following lines:

AKILEÏNE: Footcare

SPORTS AKILEÏNE: Special care for Sportsmen and Sportswomen

ECRINAL: Nailcare, Haircare and Eyelash Care

COUP D'ECLAT: Skincare

VITA CITRAL: Handcare and Lipcare


Today, AKILEINE and ECRINAL are leader in French pharmacies for footcare and nailcare.


With more than 200 formulae, ASEPTA provides wellness from head to toes!