Our brands

Designed, developed and manufactured in the Principality of Monaco, ASEPTA products take advantage of the latest progress in cosmetic science.

Your needs

Recognized for their effectiveness and their benefits, our brands have been specially developed to keep you feeling great from head... to toe!

The Laboratory

LABORATOIRES ASEPTA have been producing and distributing renowned skin care and cosmetic products for more than 75 years.

The Laboratory

LABORATOIRES ASEPTA have been manufacturers and distributors of dermo-cosmetics products for more than 70 years. ASEPTA Products are elaborated and manufactured in the Principality of Monaco in a state-of-the art building.

The Research & Development Department with a spirit of innovation and quality made possible a successful story in France and overseas for the following lines:
- AKILEÏNE®: Footcare
- COUP D'ECLAT®: Skincare
- D’ÂME NATURE® : Soins formulés à partir d'ingrédients d'origine naturelle
- ECRINAL®: Nailcare, Haircare and Eyelash Care
- SPORTS AKILEÏNE®: Special care for Sportsmen and Sportswomen
- VITA CITRAL®: Handcare and Lipcare

Today, AKILEINE and ECRINAL are leader in French pharmacies for footcare and nailcare.
With more than 200 formulae, ASEPTA provides wellness from head to toes!