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Cat Spot-On Antiparasitic Repellent


Repells ticks, fleas and mosquitoes...


The Spot-On Pipettes associate the geraniol and lavandin antiparasitic properties with icaridin to repel efficiently fleas, ticks, flies and sandflies (leishmaniosis vector). They ensure a 3 week protection. To renew every 4 weeks.


1 dose = 1 3ml pipette. Break the cap. Spread the hair betwenn the shoulder bones to uncover the skin. Pour the liquid directly onto the skin. The action lasts 4 weeks against fleas and ticks. Avoid contact with fingers. In case of repeated infestation, renew the treatment not exceeding one application per week. Do not swallow


Lavender, Geraniol, Icaridin, Biocide TP19




CODE ASEPTA : 857 (3 pipettes x 0,9 ml)
CODE ACL : 5153441
GENCOD : 3336085153445