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Insecticide Diffuser


Eliminates ticks, fleas, lice, spiders, mothes, ...


HABITAT CANYS® Insecticide Diffuser eliminates fleas whatever their development stage is (eggs, larva, adult), dust mites, bed bugs and other insects (spiders, mothes..). To be used for the home insecticide and larvicide treatment. Do not spray on animals.


Place the aerosol in the center of the room to be treated. Press the tab until it remains locked. The difusion starts. Leave the room and close the door. Vaporization of the product will continue until the aerosol is completely empty. Wait 3 hours, then ventilate for 1 hour. If necessary, repeat theoperation 2 weeks after the first treatment. Do not spray in a volume less than 2m³.


Perméthrin, Pepironyl Butoxyde, S Methoprene




CODE ASEPTA : 951 (150 ml)
CODE ACL : 7242025
GENCOD : 3336087242024