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Express Washing Lotion


Puppy and dog hygiene. Delicate and sensitive skin. Animals scared of water. Frequent use.


CANYS® Express Washing Lotion gently cleans puppies and dogs, making combing easier and providing a shiny effect. Very easy to use, it can be applied all year round without water and nor rinsing. Slightly made of alcohol and essential oils, the lotion brings a good smell and and a toning action. Plant Glycerin moisturizes the epidermis.


Damp a washcloth with CANYS® Express Washing Lotion. Rub locally or the entire coat. Can be used on the stomach, udders and external genitals. Reapply if necessary, then comb.


Plant Glycerin and Essential Oils (Cedar, Lavender, Lemon Grass, Clove), Hydro-Alcoholic excipient (30%)


CODE ASEPTA : 945 (200 ml)
CODE ACL : 4896513
GENCOD : 3336084896510